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  Flexible Piezolectric Acoustic Sensor

   Voice recognition (VR) is the most straight forward and intuitive user-interface for the future IoT era. FRONICS' smart acoustic sensor is based on unique flexible piezoelectric materials and device structure , which mimics a human cochlear organ.  

  We have developed multi-channel acoustic sensor capable of highly sensitive recognition of human voice frequency band, 200 ~ 4kHz. In particular, our smart acoustic sensor has 4 to 8 times more sensitivity compare to the conventional microphone, that enables voice recognition from a distance. In a speaker recognition rate test, FRONICS acoustic sensor was 97.5% and a microphone used in Galaxy S8 was 90%, which was 75% reduction in error rate compared to Galaxy S8 under the same conditions. FROCINS's multi-channel acoustic sensor can be applicable in the field of low power VR, AI, smart home applicances, connected car, voice security, and etc. 


   FRONICS Inc. holds many domestic/international patents regarding the acoustic sensor and is the looking for global partnerships for commercialization.

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"Flexible Inorganic Piezoelectric Acoustic Nanosensor for Biomimetic Artificial Hair Cell" Adv. Func. Mater., 24, 6914, 2014



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