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Flexible microLED for Display (f-LED)



    Flexible microLEDs have been spotlighted as a core technology due to their ultra-low power consumption, fast response, and excellent flexibility. This flexible microLED fields is currently expanding to various internet of things (IoT) and wearable/bio applications such as virtual reality (VR), smart watch, and medical sensors. In the display industry, a pick & place mechod is employed to deterministically transfer the bulky microLED chips. However, this method has serious challenges of low accuracy, high cost and slow processing rate.

   FRONICS microLED is based on the simultaneous transfer and interconnection of thin-film microLEDs using anisotropic conductive file (ACF), exhibiting long lifespan and high output efficiency. In addition, this microLED can be utilized to low cost fabrication process with the one-time transfer of thousands LED chips. Our transfer technology with convergence of unique device and packaging method will be the key tech of future micro LED field.

  Flexible biomedical optoelectronics


    Numerous people have a lot of interests for treating skin diseases including alopecia, acne and burn. The laser phototherapy is widely utilized to care the dermal problems. However, this laser treatment has critical drawbacks of low power efficiency, large equipment size and restrictive use in daily life.

    FRONICS microLEDs are suitable to efficiently treat the skin diseases due to its high optical power, low heating and conformal attachment to skin surface. Furthermore, these microLEDs can successfully activate the skin cells and hair follicles without side effects. Our device will be powerful technique for wearable real-time phototherapy applications such as various skin caring, lightening and wound healing.

FRONICS Inc. holds many domestic/international patents regarding the microLED and optoelectronics technologies and is looking for global partnerships for commercialization.


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