MicroLED, or “Micro Light Emitting Diode,”
is a miniaturized self-light-emitting device.

It is an advanced display technology that can be manufactured as a panel by attaching 5 to 100 mm LED pieces that are flexible and can be adjusted to your desired form.

Key differentiators of our technology
Thin-film MicroLED

FRONICS’ microLED is highly cost-competitive as it is designed and manufactured to be much thinner than a conventional chip-type microLED. FRONICS owns the original IP of this product’s structure.

Mass Transfer

FRONICS has made mass transfer possible with its micro-vacuum module, through which a large number of diodes can be lifted and transferred using the vacuum’s force. We are currently developing mass transfer equipment for commercial purposes and own the patents for all related original technology.


FRONICS’ Thin-film microLED uses ACF to exert heat and pressure, enabling transfer and interconnection to be done simultaneously. This method can effectively streamline the processing steps and increase power efficiency as well.

Surface Light Emission

FRONICS owns the patent for technology that evenly scatters the light emitted from diodes to illuminate an entire surface area. This technology was pioneered by FRONICS and aims to maximize the impact of light therapy.

  • Areas of Opportunity

    FRONICS’ thin-film microLED are small and flexible, which make them ideal for surface-light-emitting patches. The light emitted from these patches closely adheres to the skin and penetrates deep into the inner skin, thereby maximizing the cosmetic effect. Our thin-film microLED can help relieve pain and be applied to various other forms of light therapy.

  • Current Use-Cases

    Beyond lighting, microLED technology have become popularized and profitable across a number of other industries. Examples of its application include display products, smart factories, smart cars, and electronics used worldwide, as well as treatments for hair loss and pain within healthcare. MicroLEDs have become an essential part of the core industries driving technological innovation today.