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Title Fronics, held a new technology presentation... 'Eyes of the eye' applied to self-driving cars

Reporter Lee Yoo-min (Money Today)
Enter 2021-11-02 15:00:01

Fronics, a subsidiary of Kwangjin Wintech, announced that it is in the process of developing a new technology related to sonar (sound wave detection) for autonomous vehicles using resonant ultrasonic sensors through cooperation with KAIST.

The new technology to be developed by Fronics is a technology that can be of interest to many multinational companies focusing on developing autonomous driving and parking assistance systems by dramatically increasing the measuring distance of the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor used in existing vehicles. It is expected.

Professor Lee Kun-jae of KAIST, who will carry out the joint technology development, said, "In contrast to the low sensitivity of the existing ultrasonic distance measuring sensor that can detect only close objects with a sensing distance of several meters, the flexible piezoelectric-based resonant ultrasonic sensor to be developed this time has been developed. It will be able to measure distant objects, so it can be used in safe autonomous vehicle technology.”

Professor Lee's team developed an ultra-sensitive resonance type voice sensor that mimics the basement membrane of the human ear through research and development for the past 10 years, and founded Pronics as Kyowon. The flexible piezoelectric thin film-based resonant voice sensor can detect sounds from a distance four times or more compared to conventional microphones thanks to the structure that utilizes the resonance principle in which vibrations are amplified at a specific frequency. Clear voice information can be obtained from low to high frequencies.

Fronics voice sensor based on 'Clean data' can significantly increase the success rate of speaker recognition based on artificial intelligence, and is evaluated as a sensor suitable for future voice-based big data, security, and IoT fields.
Lee Yoo-min
Reporter Lee Yoo-min