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Title Pronics spurs new technology development... Aiming at the global market

Money Today Broadcasting Reporter Lee Yoo-min 2021-11-15 17:39:43

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The ultrasonic sensor for self-driving vehicles developed by Pronics, a subsidiary of Kwangjin Wintech, is receiving a great response from global investors. Through joint development with the KAIST research team, we succeeded in developing a sensor that can detect long-distance even in noisy everyday life. Reporter Lee Yoo-min covered Pronics, which has been recognized for its technological prowess in the global market.

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There is a domestic company that has drawn the attention of investors based on its technological prowess in the global market.

It is 'Pronics', a subsidiary of Kwangjin Wintech.

Pronics held a technology briefing session for local investors in San Francisco, USA on the 12th local time.

[Lee Sang-cheol, Technical Advisor to Pronics: Because of the many improvements in the material and structure of the sensor, it is possible to detect from 8m to 15m, which is the existing sensing distance, and I think it will have many applications such as autonomous driving and robot vacuum cleaners.]

Resonant ultrasonic distance measuring sensor technology can be expanded and applied not only to autonomous vehicles, which is the center of the 4th industrial revolution, but also to ultrasonic-based healthcare technology.

Local investors' reaction to Pronics' technology is hot.

[Jeremiah: There is still a lot of testing to be done to evaluate the technology of Pronics, but the really nice thing about this sensor is that it offers this very wide spectrum. (Technology) allows us to hear things we didn't even know existed before.]

The size of the global ultrasonic sensor market is growing at a rapid pace, with a CAGR of 5.1%.

Having secured ultrasonic sensor technology essential for the growth of the future autonomous vehicle market, Pronics established a corporation called 'Autonomous Sona' and started to expand its business in earnest based on its technology.

[Kim Ki-soo, CEO of Pronics: Because we believe that our technology is at the stage of completion, mass production is possible. So, in the end, we have to go to the global market, so we plan to promote our technology properly in the US market and try to find the necessary partners.]

The technological prowess of a Korean company (Pronics) recognized not only in Korea but also abroad is raising the value of Korean companies in the global market.

Lee Yoo-min, reporter for Money Today Broadcasting MTN